Image Name Appears Title Theme
Alice's house 7
Alice's house PCB st3 One Night in the Settlement of the Dolls The Doll Maker of Bucuresti (PCB)
Bamboo Forest 8
Bamboo Forest of the Lost IN st4 Beneath the Soil that Holds Magic Power (powerful),
Legendary Dreamland (uncanny)
Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night (IN)
Bamboo Forest ex 8
IN stEX Doll of Hourai Extend Ash ~ Person of Hourai (IN)
Bamboo Forest 9
PoFV (Reimu, Marisa, Tewi) N/A N/A
Bamboo Forest 14
DDC st3,
ISC st3
Beast Youkai of the 15th Night
Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon (DDC),
Midnight Spell Card (ISC)
Canal of Willows 14
Canal of Willows DDC st2 Severed Head Under the Willows
Flying Head
Humans and Youkai Traversing the Canal (DDC)
Cherry Blossom Path 12.8
Cherry Blossom Path GFW stEX After-Festival Loose Rain (GFW)
Dark path 8
dark path or something IN st1 Where the Fireflies Fly Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes (IN)
Dream World 15
Dream World LoLK st3 Apollo Meridian
Dreamful Path
The Mysterious Shrine Maiden Flying Through Space (LoLK)
Dream World ex 15
LoLK stEX The Trump Card is Always a Bad Move
Evil Trinity
A World of Nightmares Never Seen Before (LoLK)
Eientei 8
Eientei IN st4,
PoFV (Reisen)
A Pure Cage in the Filthy World Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome (IN)
Eientei passage a 8
(secret passages of) Eientei IN st6A The Orb in the Night Sky, Hiding the Princess Voyage 1969 (IN)
Eientei passage b 8
IN st6B Five Impossible Requests
(sky above) Forest of Magic HSiFS st4 A Curious Encounter at Zero Visibility
White Blizzard Out of Season
Illusionary White Traveler (HSiFS)
Forest thing near Hakurei Shrine
forest near Hakurei Shrine EoSD st1 Scroll of the Fantasy Night ~ Mystic Flier A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry (EosD)
Garden of the Sun 9
Garden of the Sun Yuuka (PoFV) N/A N/A
(near?) Garden of the Sun HSiFS st1 A Midsummer Day Beyond the Morning Mist
Miracle Blue Sky
A Star of Hope Rises in the Blue Sky (HSiFS)
Hakugyokurou 7
Hakugyokurou PCB st6 A Maiden's Remains in the Other World Ultimate Truth (PCB)
Hakugyokurou 9.5
StB st8 N/A Retrospective Kyoto (StB)
Hakurei Shrine HSiFS st3 The Sakura-Colored Sea the Divine Beast Swims Through
Sea of Spring Pink
Swim Through a Sakura-Colored Sea (HSiFS)
HoGDM tunnel 13
(tunnel to) Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum TD st4 Accelerating Luxury Desire Drive (TD)
HoGDM 13
(outside of) Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum TD st5 Blood of Those with Hidden Power The Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum (TD)
HoGDM inside 13
Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum TD st6 Hold Harmony Sacred Starry Sky of Small Desires (TD)
Human Village 8
Human Village IN st3 Memories of the History-Eater's Home Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World (IN)
Hokkai 12
Hokkai UFO st6,
DS st12
The Nun Who Overcame the Eight Sufferings The Fires of Hokkai (UFO),
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (DS)
Land of the Back Door HSiFS st5 The Dōji Hop and Dance in Madness
Into Crazy Back Door
Does the Forbidden Door Lead to This World, or the World Beyond? (HSiFS)
HSiFS st6 Open It Not, Gaze Not Upon It; Heaven Lies Hidden Behind the Door to Your Rear
Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Into Backdoor (HSiFS)
HSiFS stEX True Form of the Secret God
Hidden Star in Fifth Season
No More Going Through Doors (HSiFS)
Lunar Capital 15
Lunar Capital LoLK st4 A City Free of Sabi
Lunatic Kingdom
The Frozen Eternal Capital (LoLK)
Makai 12
Makai UFO st5,
DS st7
The Red and Black Seal of the Underworld Provincial Makai City Esoteria (UFO),
Nemesis' Stronghold (DS)
Mayohiga 7
Mayohiga PCB st2 Black Cat of Mayohiga The Fantastic Tales from Tono (PCB)
Misty Lake 6
Misty Lake EoSD st2 Lake Elf ~ Water Magus Lunate Elf (EosD)
Misty Lake 9
PoFV (Cirno),
StB st2
N/A Wild Circulation ~ Wind Tour (StB)
Misty Lake 14
DDC st1 Tears of Freshwater Pearls
Water Nymph
Mist Lake (DDC)
Misty Lake 14.3
ISC st1 N/A Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku (ISC)
Moriya Shrine 10
Moriya Shrine MoF st5 A Wind Blows on the Sacred Mountain The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw (MoF)
Moriya Shrine inner sanctum 10
Moriya Shrine (inner sanctum) MoF stEX A Merry Japanese God Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not (MoF)
Moriya Shrine inner sanctum 11
SA stEX The Lovely Visitor from Hell Last Remote (SA)
Moriya Shrine inner sanctum 14.3
ISC st9 N/A Eternal Short-Lived Reign (ISC)
Muenzuka 9
Muenzuka Shiki (PoFV), StB st10 N/A Retrospective Kyoto (StB)
Myouren Temple road 13
(road to) Myouren Temple TD st2 The Youkai Before the Gate, Reading an Unlearnable Sutra Welcome to the Youkai Temple (TD)
Myouren Temple road ex 13
TD stEX Raise the Flag of Rebellion! Youkai Back Shrine Road (TD)
Myouren Temple road 14.3
ISC st2 N/A Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku (ISC)
Myouren Temple Cemetery 13
Myouren Temple Cemetery TD st3 A Straight Line Paradise Let's Live in a Lovely Cemetery (TD)
Myouren Temple Cemetery 14.3
ISC st4 N/A Midnight Spell Card (ISC)
Nameless Hill 9
Nameless Hill Medicine (PoFV),
StB st4
N/A Tengu Is Watching ~ Black Eyes (StB)
Netherworld stairs 7
Netherworld stairs PCB st5,
PoFV (Youmu),
StB st6,
StB stEX (Yukari)
Spirit Battle on the Staircase of Hakugyokurou Eastern Mystical Dream ~ Ancient Temple (PCB),
Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country (StB)
Netherworld stairs ex 7
PCB stEX Shikigami of the Shikigami of the Youkai Youkai Domination (PCB)
Netherworld stairs ph 7
PCB stPH The Border Between Youkai and Humans Youkai Domination ~ Who done it! (PCB)
Netherworld stairs 13
TD st1 Cheerful, Even in Death Night Sakura of Dead Spirits (TD)
Netherworld stairs 14.3
ISC st7 N/A Romantic Escape Flight (ISC)
Palanquin Ship outside 12
(outside of) Palanquin Ship UFO st3 The High-speed Ruins and the Giant Sky Ruin (UFO)
Palanquin Ship 12
Palanquin Ship UFO st4,
DS st5
The Unfortunate Captain of the Holy Palanquin Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship (UFO),
Youkai Modern Colony (DS)
Phantom Meadow 9
Phantom Meadow Sakuya (PoFV) N/A N/A
Road of Lingering Snow 12
Road of Lingering Snow UFO st1,
A Ship's Shadow at the Spring Harbor At the End of Spring (UFO),
Nemesis' Stronghold (DS EX-1to6),
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (DS EX-7to9)
Road of Reconsideration 9
Road of Reconsideration Komachi (PoFV) N/A N/A
SDM outside 6
(outside of) Scarlet Devil Mansion EoSD st3 Scarlet Border ~ Scarlet Land Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (EosD)
SDM library 6
Scarlet Devil Mansion library EoSD st4 Mansion of Darkness ~ Save the Mind Voile, the Magic Library (EosD)
SDM hallway 6
(hallway of) Scarlet Devil Mansion EoSD st5 An Elegant Servant for the Scarlet Moon The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood (EosD)
SDM hallway 9.5
StB st5,
StB stEX (Flandre)
N/A Tengu Is Watching ~ Black Eyes (StB st5),
Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country (StB stEX)
SDM interior 6
Scarlet Devil Mansion EoSD stEX Touhou Scarlet Devil Lunatic ~ Sister of Scarlet The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls (EosD)
SDM sky 6
(sky above) Scarlet Devil Mansion EoSD st6 Rain of Blood over Elysium The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls (EosD)
SDM sky 9.5
StB st7 N/A Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country (StB)
SDM sky 14.3
ISC st10 N/A Eternal Short-Lived Reign (ISC)
Sea of Tranquility st5 15
Sea of Tranquility LoLK st5 Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner
Clownish Moon
Faraway Voyage of 380,000 Kilometers (LoLK)
Sea of Tranquility st6 15
LoLK st6 Though Unable to Dwell Together Under Heaven
Pure Furies
The Sea Where One's Home Planet Reflects (LoLK)
Shining Needle Castle 14
Shining Needle Castle DDC st5,
ISC st8
A Completely Inverted World
Reverse Ideology
The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air (DDC),
Eternal Short-Lived Reign (ISC)
Shining Needle Castle keep 14
Shining Needle Castle keep DDC st6 The Small One's Great Ambition
Little Princess
The Exaggerated Castle Keep (DDC)
Sky 7
Sky PCB st4,
PoFV (Prismrivers)
The Cherry Blossom Barrier from Above the Clouds The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky (PCB)
Sky 12
UFO st2,
DS st10
The One-eyed Monster Lurking in the Clouds The Sealed Cloud Route (UFO),
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (DS)
Sky ex 12
UFO stEX Unidentified Flying Fantastic Object UFO Romance in the Night Sky (UFO)
Sky 14
DDC st4,
ISC st5
Dissonance Within the Storm
Stormy Discord
Magical Storm (DDC),
Romantic Escape Flight (ISC)
Sky ex 14
DDC stEX A Beat That Resounds Through One's Being in the World
Drum up resistance
Thunderclouds of Magical Power (DDC)
Snowy place 7
snowy place PCB st1 The Spring of Silvery Snow Paradise ~ Deep Mountain (PCB)
Fantastic Blowhole 11
Fantastic Blowhole SA st1,
DS st3
The Wind Blowing From the Thankless Land The Dark Blowhole (SA),
Youkai Modern Colony (DS)
Deep Road to Hell 11
Deep Road to Hell SA st2,
DS st2
The Deep Road Connecting the Past and the Aboveground World The Bridge People No Longer Cross (SA),
The Mystery in Your Town (DS)
Former Capital 11
Former Capital SA st3,
DS st6
The Snowy Forgotten Former Capital Walking the Streets of a Former Hell (SA),
Nemesis' Stronghold (DS)
Palace of the Earth Spirits 11
Palace of the Earth Spirits SA st4,
DS st9
Those Terrifying Eyes Nobody Loves Heartfelt Fancy (SA),
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (DS)
Former Hell st5 11
Former Hell of Blazing Fires SA st5,
DS st8
Hellfires of Times Past Lullaby of Deserted Hell (SA),
Nemesis' Stronghold (DS)
Former Hell st6 11
SA st6 The Tempestuous Second Sun Hellfire Mantle (SA)
Youkai Mountain base 10
(foot of) Youkai Mountain MoF st1,
DS st1
Myriads of Autumn Gods A God That Misses People ~ Romantic Fall (MoF),
The Mystery in Your Town (DS)
Youkai Mountain base 15
LoLK st1 Probe from the Pure Land
Eagle Rabbit
Unforgettable, the Nostalgic Greenery (LoLK)
HSiFS st2 Solitude on the Scarlet Mountain
Red Mountain Loneliness
The Colorless Wind on Youkai Mountain (HSiFS)
Great Youkai Forest 10
Great Youkai Forest (of Youkai Mountain) MoF st2 Scars of the Gods The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road (MoF)
Untrodden Valley 10
Untrodden Valley (of Youkai Mountain) MoF st3,
DS st4
The Flawless Fortress The Gensokyo the Gods Loved (MoF),
Youkai Modern Colony (DS)
Untrodden Valley 14.3
ISC st6 N/A Romantic Escape Flight (ISC)
Giant Toad's Pond 9
Giant Toad's Pond (of Youkai Mountain) Aya (PoFV),
StB st3
N/A Tengu Is Watching ~ Black Eyes (StB)
Waterfall of Nine Heavens 10
Waterfall of Nine Heavens (of Youkai Mountain) MoF st4,
The Mountain Fortress Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall (MoF),
The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (DS)
Wind God's Lake 10
Wind God's Lake (of Youkai Mountain) MoF st6,
DS st11
Ah, the God of Wind on the Grounds of the Divine Lake Cemetery of Onbashira ~ Grave of Being (MoF),
Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (DS)
Wind God's Lake 15
LoLK st2 Forward Base on the Lake
Lunatic Front Line
The Lake Reflects the Pure Moonlight (LoLK)
Youkai Trail 8
Youkai Trail IN st2,
StB st1
The Path Where Humans Vanish Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird (IN),
Wind Circulation ~ Wind Tour (StB)
Youkai Trail 9
PoFV (Mystia) N/A N/A

Fairy wars stages because they are dumb and complicated with all the many different routesEdit

Image Name Title
Forest of Magic 1 12.8
Forest of Magic Enjoyably Suspicious Primeval Forest (A1)
Forest of Magic 2 12.8
Where're the Fairies of Light? (B1-2)
The Three Fairies' Stronghold (C1-2)
Forest of Magic 3 12.8
Midnight Forest (B2-3)
The Fairies' Noisy Night (C2-3)
Misty Lake 1 12.8
Misty Lake An Irrational Request (B1)
Misty Lake 2 12.8
At the Evening Stronghold (A1-2)
Moon Showing Upon the Lake (C2-2)
Misty Lake 3 12.8
Great Fairy Showdown (A2-3)
War on the Lake (C1-3)
Spring Path 1 12.8
Spring Path Danmaku in a Spring of Fluttering Cherry Petals (C1)
Spring Path 2 12.8
Fairy Flowerpath (A2-2)
Journey of the Forgetful One (B2-2)
Spring Path 3 12.8
Great Fairy Showdown (A1-3)
Moonlight Under the Night Sakura (B1-3)


Stage 1: The Refrain of the Lovely Great War
Stage 2: Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity
Stage 3: A Midnight Fairy Dance