Penglantis was an ancient civilization that is referenced many times in Club Penguin Island. It sunk long ago, and currently remains shrouded in mystery.


According to Rockhopper, Penglantians, the citizens of the race, wielded powerful treasures and used them to rule the seven and a half seas from the island now known as Club Penguin Island. According to loading screen messages, "legends say" the island the game takes place in was part of Penglantis, implying it spanned more than just the island.

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In the southeast corner of the island, there are many ancient ruins, implied to be made by Penglantians, which are seen in part of Coconut Cove and throughout the Sea Caves. Most of the ruins have a spiral symbol on them, implied to be the Penglantis symbol. The puzzles in Coconut Cove that appear in Rockhopper's adventures are explicitly mentioned to have been made by them.

As stated in an Island News Blog post by Rockhopper, there is a sea called the Flat Glass Sea where no winds blow, which was used by Penglantians to hide treasures.[1]


In order to rule the seas, Penglantians used treasures. Only one of these treasures, the Bottle of Fair Winds, has been seen currently. The search for this treasure is the main plot of Rockhopper's Fair Share chapter of adventures, where is retrieved from hidden ruins near Coconut Cove in the final adventure. It is currently in Rockhopper's possession.

As stated in an Island News Blog post by Rockhopper, the Bottle of Fair Winds pours out strong winds when the cork on it is taken off. Due to this, it is the only way to sail in the Flat Glass Sea. However, after an accident in the sea damaged Rockhopper's ship the Migrator, Rockhopper decides to just use the bottle to cool himself off for the time being.[1]



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Bottle of Fair WindsEdit

Language Name
PortugueseGarrafa dos Bons Ventos
FrenchBouteille des bons vents
SpanishBotella de vientos favorables
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