Marble Hunt is a two-player scavenger hunt mini-game in Club Penguin Island that can be played by using the NAME party supply, which can only be bought by players with a membership, for a price of 75 coins. It is activated by a player using the party supply, which causes them to hold up a box. If another player interacts with the box, the game is initiated.


After the game is initiated, the two players are randomly assigned a role. One player becomes the hider, and has to hide large green marbles with red propeller caps anywhere in whatever zone the players are currently in. The hider has a time limit of 30 seconds to hide all three in the zone, which can be done by pressing the action button to place the marble.

The other player is the finder, and after the hider's 30 seconds are up, they must search for the three hidden marbles, with a time limit of 45 seconds, and interact with each one by using the action button.

After either all three marbles are found by the finder, or the time limit of 45 seconds is up, the game ends. If the finder found all three marbles within the time limit, they win. If they did not, the hider wins. The winner receives 5 Rookie XP and 30 coins, and the loser receives 20 coins.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name
PortugueseCaça às Bolas de Gude
FrenchChasse aux billes
SpanishBúsqueda de canicas
German N/A
Russian N/A